Yesterday YouTube launched its own version of Tik Toks in the form of Shorts. The short YouTube video format aims to compete with the leaders of the field like Instagram Reels and obviously the one we also mentioned above Tik Tok. The initial launch will be in India and will be available to other countries in the next few days.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Why India?

YouTube is a smart company and the main reason they are choosing to do the launch in India is because there Tik Tok is banned along with a lot of other apps. And they want to take the place in the market that is left empty now, so that’s the reason for the launch initially there. If this move succeeds this would be a big chunk of users coming from TikTok to YouTube.

In the near future ‘Shorts’ will become part of the YouTube app, this feature will allow you to add music, change video speed, and much more. The video limit is going to be 15 seconds.

Last month Facebook also launched Reels in India and the users are growing rapidly.

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