In today’s world one of the most important skills is the ability to write a program. After all the technology has spread everywhere and almost controls our entire life now. You can see it in factories , transportation , home appliances and much more.

The Current Popularity of the Programming Languages coming to 2020

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However, this is not a clear indication as to which languages are more prevalent in the years to come. Kotlin for example is a great language that is required a lot and has seen a huge trend in popularity some might even say it’s the more popular now. Typescript is also a newer language with a huge raise in popularity, could be because Microsoft. Anyway there are a lot of data in the internet about this topic and this article is prepared according to those data we see most reliable.

Most popular languages on GitHub as of January 2020

Source for this information.

As you can see Github shows us different placements and this information comes from the searches and repositories on the site. Unlike our first Graph that was data from Google trends and Searches on Google and Youtube. Clearly on both the graphs even thou not in the top 10 Kotlin has made a huge raise. The most growing language in the last 12 months is Typescript as supported by data. I also took an interest in it this year and was pleasantly surprised.

We could spend all day here interpreting data and adding them into this article but we are not going to do that. Instead we are going to give you our opinion as which language you should consider learning going ahead. Kotlin is a statically typed language whose syntax is more expressive and concise than that of Java. With features like higher order functions, lambda expressions, operator overloading, string templates etc. Kotlin has a lot more to offer to the table. It’s cross platform availability makes it truly the programmer’s choice for 2020.
TL.DR. It’s Kotlin.

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