2020 seems to be an interesting year for mobile phones, especially for flagship ones. As the year continues every big phone manufacturer is going to release their top of the line smartphone. And this is what to expect from them.


Last year 5G was first introduced into smartphones, and a few companies released smartphones capable of that. Since 5G is now becoming available in so many countries the demand for 5G phones will also increase.

High refresh rate screens

The smooth feel of a high refresh rate screen is a hard thing to compete with. And from the leaks, a lot of companies are going for this. OnePlus has confirmed that it’s going to push it from 90Hz to 120Hz. Samsung and Huawei will also join the 120Hz party. Google is expected to improve in this department. Xiaomi has already released one with 120Hz but we don’t know what it’s going to do with their flagships yet. Also, we don’t know what Apple will do.

Better performance

This one is more for the Android side of the market since Apple has always had a great performance. The Snapdragon 865 seems to be quite a powerful CPU which is going to make everything roll smoother and live up to the increased refresh rates of screens.

Better battery life

With what we saw last year we are confident that this isn’t going to be very hard for companies to pull off. Google is one of the companies that need to have this on their top priorities.

Better cameras

The camera department was had a great year in 2019. The race for the best camera of 2019 was really close and we expect this to continue in 2020. For the Android side, we expect better video capabilities.

Better design

As Apple concludes the 3-year design cycle we expect everyone in the industry to do more this year. Notches will have to go and be replaced with hole-punch cutouts at least.

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