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Weekly Deals on Play Store #14

The best deals that you can find for this week on Google Play Store on apps and games:


Splash Pro – Liquid Wallpaper

Price: Free from $1.96

Static wallpapers are boring, they always look the same. With this wallpaper, your screen will come alive! Fluid simulation as your wallpaper FTW!!! It will constantly move based on how you hold your phone!

Chemical equation keyboard A

Price: Free from $0.90

This is a soft keyboard that is convenient for writing a chemical equation.
Alphabets for element symbol, numbers, superscript, subscript and symbols for chemical equation can be entered without switching the keyboard or converting.

Dean The Kid: Action Platformer

Price: Free from $0.66

Dean The Kid is a new 2D side-scrolling action platformer by Leeding Apps. Play as the unlikely hero Dean and embark on an epic quest to rescue the damsel in distress.


King of Dragon Pass: Text Adventure RPG

Price: $3.90 from $9.78

This strategy game in atmospheric fantasy mythology is very difficult. Choose your own adventure in Cult Classic. A unique mix of RPG and strategy: everything in King of Dragon Pass is about choice and control.

YoWindow Weather – Unlimited

Price: $5.65 from $9.43

YoWindow is a unique new weather app. The magic of YoWindow is a living landscape that reflects your actual weather. For instance, if it’s raining – it rains in YoWindow.


Price: $1.44 from $7.44

Destroy an infinite number of punching bags with your fists and skills! Have fun destroying the punch bags, but be careful of defeat!

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