Riot Games’ latest addition to their new fleet of games is Valorant and the company’s first FPS Shooter game. Just by looking at the stats alone from watching you can say this was one of the biggest beta releases recently. However, the Beta release is not open for everyone if you want to get a key for it look for the section below.

Surpassing other games bu a large margin on the day of the beta release.

How to get Valorant Beta Key

They are doing releases for the key on twitch 75k Accounts for NA and 75k for EU servers. This will be handled by twitch. All you need to do is to have your Twitch account connected with your Riot Account and just simply watch one streamer. The selection is going to be fully random so no point spamming anything or creating multiple accounts just enjoy the streams. You’ll get notified via notification in Twitch or by Email.


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