As the internet sensation, Mr. Beast, together with some other Youtube creators, are trying to save the planet with their newest campaign, TeamTrees, Treelon Musk has joined them in their quest. After a Twitter Conversation between Mr.Beast, Elon Musk, and Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee. Elon decided to donate 1 Million $ to it, making it the biggest donation on this campaign. The Tesla genius believes that this major event is going to get finished successfully. All it left is to see how this is going to play out. We believe that it will be a good thing even if it doesn’t get accomplished fully since there are all of these trees that will get planted in the word.

After getting Elon Musks seal of approval Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, donated 150.000$. Also, Youtube’s official account on Twitter promised to match the 1 Million $ “to keep #TeamTrees growing.”

As of publication time, #TeamTrees has already surpassed the $8 million mark. You can donate to the campaign here. If you think this campaign is going to get finished successfully, leave a comment down below.

Update In October 2020

The event of Teamtrees was completed successfully, and the organizers managed to get more than 20 million trees planted in a short amount of time. Thanks to the amazing support from YouTubers such as Mr.Beast and friends, this was made possible. There were a lot of celebrities that contributed to this cause and made it happen. Some of them were more upfront about it, and others just donated thousands of dollars without making it such a big mess. Let’s hope that 2020 does also end up in this way with good news. We need the final season of 2020 to be a good one, so let’s hope YouTubers join in the action and contribute to a good cause.

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