The newest platform that could revolutionize the industry is now up and running. But what exactly is it, and why is it different from others? I’m here to answer these questions and a lot more.

The Sandbox is a user-generated and community-focused content platform where creators can monetize assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. The three main components are the VOXEDIT 3D voxel art animation software and builder for building game assets, a MARKETPLACE for buying and selling NFT assets, and the GAME MAKER tool for creating gaming experiences in The Sandbox metaverse.

This platform aims to become the new standard in world-building games with millions of user-created 3D voxel art assets and games available as ownable items on the blockchain.

The Sandbox (SAND) Token available to trade

This platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and you can do anything you want from creating to monetizing. The SAND token is an ERC-20 utility token that is used for value transfers but can also be used for staking. It was released publicly to trade on Binance only yesterday. This is a massive step in the right direction for this platform since this could bring a lot more investors.

The circulating supply right now is 705,000,000 SAND, about 23% of what is intended to be the full amount. It was launched at 0.008333 USD / SAND, and only in 24 hours has gained almost 700% of the value. That raise is expected but not at that amount, which shows great support for the token and the platform overall.

Closing Remarks

I’ve never been this excited for a new platform in such a long time, and I hope I can see this one succeed. I know many things are going right for this one, and I will do my part by participating. I’m considering how much staking coins I will invest in, and when I do, I’ll post my road of staking here. Completely transparent to see how this token will do. I’m also starting to create my assets and to put my work on the marketplace. It’s the collaboration of two worlds, and I’m impressed by it. Let’s see where this goes with time.

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