At WWDC 2020 Apple announced a lot of things. Among them, it was the new ARM-based processors that will power Macs in the upcoming years. After all the rumors about it, it finally happened. This move from Apple will be a good thing for everyone if done right. Well for Intel it might not be a good thing at the moment since they were on a partnership with Apple. This partnership which was made in 2006 will come to an end really soon.

Looks like Intel is not having a good year with AMD “destroying” Intel, and now this announcement from Apple. It might look like its a bad thing but this should be a wake-up call for Intel. After being at the top of the market for so long they were doing small improvements year after year. Put into simpler terms they were slacking. And lo and behold this came and bit them in the ass. But Intel it’s not the only one that should be worried about this move from Apple.

One of the main challenges Apple will have is the app compatibility with ARM-based processors. Apple said that the developers will have everything they need for making their apps work with this kind of processor. This is going to be a huge upgrade for smartphones.

If this is done right, smartphones will be getting closer to replacing your laptops and personal computers. One thing that might hold back this is if the developers are going to be interested on releasing their apps for smartphones as well.

We will be seeing the first Mac with an ARM-based processor later this year and Apple has given itself a 2 year period to change completely to ARM. In a few months, we will see if Apple can reproduce the same performance as Intel and AMD.

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