Smartphones. We all have them, and we all love them. They make our lives easier and have done so for a long time. At the moment, the smartphone industry seems to be “stuck,” meaning they have reached a point where from generation to another, the improvements are becoming smaller and smaller.

This might seem like a problem, but it is a way it isn’t. We have reached a point where we are using the full extent of our capabilities on making these smartphones, by doing this, the entire line up of smartphones benefits from it. The gap between flagships and other is shrinking.

Smartphone manufacturers are always trying to improve their devices; one of the latest trends for innovation has become foldable phones. For now, this technology it’s still in the early stages, but it seems to be in a magnificent path towards it becoming more accessible and affordable to everyone. Another innovation that has already come to the smartphone world is 5G, which will make a significant improvement on previous generations, especially with millimeter waves. Cameras is also one area where smartphones have been shining, the quality of sensors and software are making them competitive towards real cameras. Even though they are still far from them, they are more than enough for the average human.

Apple seems to be more stuck than anyone else, even though they are not. Their motto seems to be if it works, don’t fix it. But they will soon be forced to make these innovations their competitors have. They always are on hold for implementing these improvements on their devices, so they can see if it works on their competitors. We might have to wait and see what they will bring with the new line of iPhones they are releasing soon.

Even though the innovation rate has grown smaller in the last few years, it looks like it hasn’t impacted sales that much. But I wouldn’t worry about the future of smartphones, who knows in a few years foldable smartphones will take over, so the cycle might start over. These devices are on their second generations, so they have a lot more to improve. With smartphones becoming even more powerful, the question for the future will be they are going to replace other devices, like laptops and PCs. Their CPUs will soon be on laptops, so if this happens, its closer than you would think. Apart from that, the future still looks bright and profitable for the smartphone industry.

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