Google Stadia

Cloud gaming in the past few years has become a really big part of the gaming industry. Gaming in the cloud has made gaming more accessible to people who don’t own a powerful PC to play the games they want. Some of the biggest tech companies are already a part of this market. From GPU makers to console makers and many more.

The biggest players in the cloud gaming market at the moment are GeForce Now from Nvidia, Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, Project xCloud from Microsoft, and Shadow. All these players offer different things that set them apart from each other.

Console Cloud gaming

PlayStation Now and Project xCloud are similar since they both offer console games. The first being from PlayStations and the ladder being from Xbox. With the release of their new consoles, this might be a cheaper version of accessing the games that will be exclusive to them on the cheap.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia was an initiative started from Google but it has a difference with the rest, it’s new and it doesn’t stream games from any of the big platforms. Stadia is a platform in itself, this is the reason its game catalog is small compared to the rest.

GeForce Now

GeForce Now, on the other hand, is one of the best cloud gaming services in my opinion. This service lets you have access to your libraries on Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin, UPlay, etc. This allows you to play the games you already own instead of buying them again like what you would do with Stadia. They have had some hiccups on their journey, with developers pulling their games out of the platform, but still, they have a very big library and they keep adding more.


Shadow is different from everything we have already mentioned. They don’t offer just a gaming service, they offer a cloud PC on which you can do all the things you do on a regular PC you have at home. Because of this, the price is higher than the rest, but considering what you get in return it might be worth it for some.

Every one of these services has its benefits. It all depends on what you are looking for and whats your budget. To be able to access them you also need a good internet service so you can play without lag.

The future

During the quarantine, these services saw an increase in new members and time spent on them from existing ones. This thing will make them realize the importance of these services. They make it easier for people to play games and access gaming whenever they are and on whatever device they have on. With the increase in internet speeds all over the world, the gaming experience will become even more similar to that of a gaming PC or a console. 

From the looks of it, the future is bright for cloud gaming. But this doesn’t mean that it will replace PC and Console gaming anytime soon. They will remain superior for the next few years, maybe in the future, those differences are going to vanish but until then we have to enjoy all of them. Who knows PC’s and Console’s might have the same fate as BlockBuster in the far future.

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