The best horror games

Since it’s the spooky season, I decided to create a list of the best horror games to play during it. Some of these games may be a bit old, but they still are some of the best horror games out there.

Just remember that this list is not ranking them from best to worst. Another thing to keep in mind is that horror games are not always about blood, killing, and loud noises. There is more to them, especially the psychological part of some of these games. 


The first one of the games, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is a classic, and the second one, which came out not too long ago, Amnesia: Rebirth, is a great game for the series. Both games are built around amnesia, as you can tell from their names. With a great story and terrifying monsters, this is one of the best horror games out there. 


From the creators of Amnesia games, this is another great horrifying game. With one of the most disturbing stories, if you want to give yourself nightmares, this is the game for you. You can also play it with a safe mode just for the story, but you should play it like it was intended if you want the whole experience.

Resident Evil 

One of the biggest franchises out there, even though some of its games are not as good as the others, there still are some classics among them. The best in this series are Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil 7. If you are in the mood to fight zombies and have a decent storyline, these are great games for you. 

Alien: Isolation

Even though many games have tried to be what this game is, they have never achieved it. This game is a true masterpiece, and everyone who enjoys these kinds of games should play it. The AI built for the alien is the next level, and it will make your life harder, but that’s one of the biggest features of this game. With multiple well-deserved awards, you are sure to have a lot of fun playing and trying to beat this game. 


Both games in this series are amazing. Offering a disturbing experience inside an abandoned psychiatric hospital in the first game and the second game in a small village. The first one is superior to the second one, but that doesn’t mean that the second one is bad. Both are great games, but number 1 is clearly better. 

Free Horror Games

Even though these games are not the best horror games out there, there should be some options for the best free ones. 

Doki Doki Literature Club

Even though this game’s looks might deceive you, this is not a cute game in any sense. As a psychological horror, this game takes you on a roller coaster of mental health issues. All of these things make this a great game and a good horror experience on the free. 

Slender: The Eight Pages

Slenderman, which has become one of the most popular horror figures, has a few games under his name. this might not be the best graphical game on this list, but it still offers an interesting horror experience. 

Other good free horror games include Kraven Manor, SCP — Containment Breach, Alien Swarm, and [REC] Shutter. 

Closing thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of great games to scare yourself during this spooky season. In this list of the best horror games to play during it, we saw some very inserting games. Some of them were franchises and some standalone games. So if you want to get scared or want to try and “survive” these games, these are the games for you. 

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