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Some of the best games you can find are free to play, making them more accessible to everyone. Here we will talk about the best free to play games out there that you can download right after reading this article. 

Just because these games are free to play doesn’t mean that everything is free for everyone. You can still buy cosmetic items or season passes; these are ways developers use to make money instead of making people pay for the game up front. 

Genshin Impact

One of the most recent games on this list was released just a few weeks ago, and it has taken the world by storm. You can get this game on almost every device from PC, PS4, and mobile. The game is also extremely optimized. So you’ll be able to run it on a lot of low-end devices and hardware. Being an open-world game makes this one of the best games you can play for free since you will always find something to do in this game. At the moment, the game is not looking to go towards the pay-to-win route, and that’s a good thing. 

Riot Games

Riot Games is not a game, but as a publisher, they only release free to play games. A few years ago, they only had one game on their portfolio, which is still one of the most popular games in the world, League of Legends. This year they released two new games, Valorant and Legends of Runeterra. 

Valorant is like the child of Overwatch and CS: GO, offering similar gameplay to them but still being unique in its own way. This is also a very well optimized game, and it can be run on a lot of low-end hardware. 

Legends of Runeterra is a card game based in the League of Legends world; you have the same champions, the same regions. If you are a fan of LoL or someone who has never played it if you like card games, this is one of the best. This game is also available on mobile, so you can play it anywhere you go. 

Battle Royale Games

One of the most popular genres of games in recent years. You can find many great games in this genre that are free, with one of them being Fortnite. Other great free battle royale games are:

Call of Duty Warzone, even though this is not the first battle royale from the Call of Duty games, this is probably the best they ever made. One of the reasons this game is one of the best is the price. Being a free game has made it more accessible to anyone with a decent enough device to play it. Another thing to keep in mind with this game is that you need a ton of storage on your device. 

Apex Legends is also one of the best battle royale games, not just among the free ones. With a wide variety of legends, you are sure to have fun playing this game. This is not a massive game, but it still requires around 40GB of space. 

Other good free royale games are Spellbreak, PUBG Lite, Hyper Scape, etc.

Destiny 2

Even though you can’t play everything in the game for free, the amount of content you get for free is tremendous. When this game was released, it was priced just like any other triple-A game at $60. After a while, they chose to make it free, and now this is one of the best games you can play for free. Since it’s a very high-quality game, you won’t be disappointed by it. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

If there’s a list of free games and this game is not in, you should look at other lists. Just like Destiny 2, when this game was released, it wasn’t free; after a few years, they made it free. One of the most memorable game series is one of the games that almost everyone has played, if not this, the previous versions. You can also find a battle royale mode in this game, which is called Danger Zone. Apart from that, this game is still one fun game to play and shoot guns on. 

Rocket League

One of the most recent additions to the free to play games is Rocket League. Which you can find for free now on Epic Game Store. The consistent updates and a huge player base have kept this game fresh and very enjoyable. If you want to play football differently, this is the game for you. 


There are many other free games on the market, but here are some other ones that are still pretty great and very fun to play. 

Warframe is one of them, and for a game to still be enjoyable after so many years is a great thing for all the gamers. 

Brawlhalla is a game similar to Super Smash Bros. And with it being free, it has made it a crowd favorite. With a large community and consistent updates, especially with the launch of the game on mobile, this game still looks great for the future. 

Dota 2 is the other MOBA on this list; even though it’s still very popular, LoL is far superior in popularity. Still, this is a great MOBA game. 

Wargaming is similar to Riot; with an extensive collection of free games, they offer good games like World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, and other variations of these games. If you enjoy these games, they are the ones for you. 

Closing remarks

As we can see, the market is filled with great free to play games. So if you don’t want to spend money on games, you can still play many very high-quality games and have a ton of fun doing it. For some of these games, you still need to have a decent PC or a new-ish console to play them. You can also find some of these games on mobile, making it even more accessible for people who can’t afford a PC or a console but still want to play high-quality games.

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