CES 2020

As always CES comes with a lot of futuristic techs. This year was just like the rest of them. Here is a list of the best things that were announced at CES 2020.

Vision-S the Electric Autonomous car from Sony

Vision META

Sony has made a surprise reveal of an electric autonomous car this year at CES. It’s a driverless, concept electric sedan that has a lot of features that seem like sci-fi. The new elegant electric car shows the increased range of the Japanese company in different technologies.


From Razer this year were two new interesting products. Firstly the compact PC called Razer Tomahawk, which packs inside really powerful ingredients. But the main focus of Razer wasn’t only on PC gaming but on mobile gaming. They introduced Razer Kishi, an upgraded version of Razer Junglecat. This new controller will be supported by a big range of devices from Android and iOS.


One of the biggest tech companies on the planet had a lot of things to unveil at CES this year. One of them being their almost bezel-less 8K TV. Apart from this amazing TV they also revealed a rotating one, which is a really weird thing to do for a TV.

Apart from the TV side of Samsung they also revealed the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite. These phones are not quite the same as their big brothers but are really close to them in every other way.


This new artificial human which was made from Samsung was one of the most anticipated products of CES. And to be fair it wasn’t mind-blowing, but let’s just hope a lot more work and refined is put into this before release.

OnePlus Concept One

This Concept phone was like a magic trick, the disappearing camera made it seems really futuristic. Apart from that, the phone was just an old OnePlus 7T Pro with Gold sides and a genuine leather back.

ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz

Asus came in strong at CES this year. They introduced a 360Hz monitor powered by NVIDIA G-SYNC. This is a really great thing to have but for everyone to have a PC that can reach that level of FPS is very hard to achieve.


As always LG gives a big performance at CES. As you can see from this JerryRigEverything video they introduced a high-tech door, a refrigerator with a transparent display and many more interesting things.

Together with these there a lot more interesting stuff from CES.

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