Samsung has made a bold presentation at CES 2020 with an amazing 8k TV featuring high end design. The QLED Q950, has very small bezels around for obvious reasons but when the TV turns on it’s like magic and you can’t see anything else than the image. The pricing hasn’t been revealed yet for this item nor for the weird vertical Sero TV. Yeap, it’s true they have an 4K TV that when you link to your phone the screen can rotate and also display videos in portrait without pillarboxing.

The Samsung’s nicest looking TV the Q950 it will release later this year in the 65, 75 and 85 inch sizes. It’s just 15 millimeters thick and somehow packs six speakers into that all-screen design. There’s still the problem of not having content for this powerful system. Samsung can use AI-powered upscaling and get near the promised 8K streaming.

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