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Official Android 10 release date for Samsung A-series: ONeui 2.0

Samsung one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world came up with a completely new set of smartphones for the Galaxy A-series this year. Samsung went ahead and got innovative and introduced the Galaxy A80 which has a motorized module that rotates and acts as the selfie camera as well. One of the devices in the Galaxy A-series line up is the Galaxy A50 which is another powerful mid-range device from Samsung. And if you own a Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone and is wondering when your device will receive the recently launched Android 10 update along with the One UI 2.0 then, you are at the right place. Here, we will share with you all the information related to the Android 10 update for the Galaxy A50 along with the One UI 2.0.

Not known for the speedy delivery of the updates, Samsung is not able to gear up and catch up with the update delivery cycle of other OEMs like the OnePlus, Huawei or even Xiaomi. Samsung, however, delivered the updates a bit faster as compared to previous years after the launch of the One UI. However, as Samsung has to tweak and make the One UI compatible with Android 10 which is why you can assume that the updates for the Android 10 as well as the One UI 2.0 will take more time. Moreover, the roll-out process of Samsung is also pretty slow so, you have to wait and buckle up for it

Official Samsung Galaxy A series Android 10 release date:

One UI 2.0 will be based on the latest Android operating system, the Android 10 or the Android Q. Moreover, there are reports that claim the One UI 2.0 will be rolled out for the eligible devices in the latter part of the year which is probably around December 2019. The next year’s flagship i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S11 series will come with the One UI 2.1 and Android 10 out of the box. Samsung has previously tested out the early versions of the Android 10 on the Galaxy Note and the S-series of smartphones.

However, there is no concrete report that will give us more details as to when the Android 10 or the One UI 2.0 will arrive for the Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone. But, Samsung’s Developer Conference which is due on October 2019, will give us more fruitful and insight deed s on the One UI 2.0. 

Android 10 – Details

Google recently unveiled the Android 10 for which the tech fraternity, as well as the mobile world, was waiting for and it does packs in a good amount of new features and customization enhancements. As the first thing to notice was that Google ditched its tradition of naming the Android OS after desserts and will go by the version number from now on. Google also changed the shade of the Android logo to a new lighter shade of green and changed the logo to a half head of the Droid bot. Moreover, the other highlights of the Android 10 that the user can experience are;

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