With the release of Disney+ and it’s booming start it looks like Netflix has a solid competitor. Maybe it was because of this that the company decided to share it’s global data for the first time just now.

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The fact that Netflix has been expanding around the world isn’t a secret. The company takes great pains to underscore its global ambitions every time it talks to investors and media outlets. But this is the first time Netflix has spelled out how it’s doing at this level of detail.

One of the investors of Netflix pointed out in a document the details of company’s pursuit of streaming video consumers and its very rapid growth. Have fun chasing us , we are busy chasing the world – says Netflix.

The fact that people outside the US are interested in streaming movies and TV shows hasn’t escaped Netflix’s competitors. Amazon, for instance, has been targeting international markets as well.

You can see what the results look via the numbers Netflix filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission this week. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, for instance, Netflix had 19.7 million subscribers at the end of March 2017; by the end of September of this year, that number was up to 47.4 million. And while Asia is currently Netflix’s smallest market, it is growing rapidly, from 4.7 million subscribers to 14.5 million in the same time frame.

Wall Street will keep a close eye on that number in the future, especially as Netflix offers much lower pricing in markets like India, where it has started selling mobile-only subscriptions for $3 a month.

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