LG reveals the financial reports for 2019

LG Electronics Inc. has shown how 2019 went for them. They released the financial results with a staggering $53 Billion of revenue. The profits were around $2.07 Billion which was 10% lower than 2018 only because of the increased investments in marketing and future technologies from the company.

LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company was what made most of the money for them. Bringing a third of the total revenue at $18.29 Billion, with it also making the most profit for the company at $1.7 Billion.

A huge part of the revenue also came from the LG Home Entertainment Company which brought $13.73 Billion in revenue with an operating income of $833 Million.

As for the mobile division, LG is still struggling. The revenue from this part was at $5.07 Billion which had an $858.34 Million loss.

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