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Is CoronaVirus really a conspiracy to enforce 5G usage?

An online petition claiming that it was dangerous to live close to a 5G mast because it would enhance the chance of COVID-19 infection was shared by Amanda Holden, a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent,” which was later taken down. This may have caused a big enough traction that people were actually physically hurting engineers in England over this fact. The main claim was that 5G causes immune systems to break down and develop this virus, the petition also stated that this was the main reason that the pandemic started on the Wuhan since 5G there is relevant.

Social media conspiracies blame coronavirus on 5G internet

Full Fact, the UK’s independent fact-checking nonprofit, has already debunked the myth that there is any link between the 5G network in Wuhan, where the coronavirus broke out, and the disease. Is it really necessary to make all the mess about this kind of conspiracy theories? What’s your opinion on the people that do believe this? Should there be more measures on the internet to contain the spread of fake information?

Another idea which was as crazy as the first one was that coronavirus will make the world demand more 5G technology. For the better of the world, the implication where said technology would be useful are a handful but still, there is no valid reason why the virus should have been created. Since we are seeing more and more countries adopt this technology. What about this second theory do you find abstract or even crazy? However different from each other people still have some kind of belief in them. What’s your opinion?

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