So you want to start a blog and you don’t know-how. Then you have come to the right place, I will explain everything you need to start a blog. Just relax and read everything I have to say and we together will create your blog.

-First of all, you should decide on what do you want to talk about. The main talking point, what your niche is going to be, what the subject of your blog will be. Do you want to talk about cooking, fitness, technology, cinema or about everything? This is important especially for the future of your blog. If you decide to write about what you really like then your “job” will be easier for you.

-Before you decide on what platform your blog is going to be, you will need a name for it. Coming up with a good name is not an easy task, but all you have to do is create a name that suits the most for what your blog is about. Another option is to name your blog after you, just remember that the name is really important since it will become your brand. After the name, the logo is important too, at first choosing a simple logo is a great choice since it can be changed later. A great thing everyone can do about a logo is just to create one with the name of the blog, or just the first letter of it.

-Now that you have already decided what you want to write about and what the blog will be called, it is time to deal with the technical stuff, your host provider, and your blogging platform. And the best options are Hostinger and WordPress. All you have to do is go to WordPress Hosting on Hostinger, choose the best option for you, I would recommend “Single WordPress Hosting”. After that go to the checkout and don’t forget to write your domain name and check if it’s available. Once you’re done with the payment follow the steps that Hostinger has for you, which are very easy and you don’t have to worry about anything.

-You now have hosting and a platform, now we need to customize your blog to your preferences. To do that we first have to log in to your WordPress Dashboard. What your blog needs now is a nice theme that goes with the blog subject. We have to go under Appearance and select Themes.

After doing so now we can click the big button at the top that says Add New.

At this moment we have to search about a theme that suits the best for your subject, so for example, if you have a cooking blog, we will search cooking and then choose which one of the themes looks better to you. After we download it and activate it we have to customize it. To do that we have to go again at Appearance and select Customize. When Customize is opened you will see a lot of different controls. One of the most important Controls is “Site Identity” there is where we write the name of your blog. Here is also where we can put the logo. Another important part of the blog is the menu. At the menu we should put just a few things like Home, About, Contact, etc. and don’t forget your social media accounts.

-The blog is almost finished, the only thing left to do is post things on it. Don’t worry about the quality of the posts, with time everything will get better.

By now you should have an up and running blog, now take your time to get used to it, there are a lot more things to learn about blogging, and if you want to go in more detail about the process of starting one check our new ebook on Amazon. Now enjoy your life as a blogger.

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