The game is still pretty new but players have already started to get a feel on the meta and have started sharing decks. This is especially easy done in this game as it just really is a code that you paste into your game. Then you see if you have all the needed cards to complete it. Early it’s a good way to rank up high into the ladder by ‘Abusing’ this method.

Sharing a deck

You can create an unique code for your deck in 2 easy steps. Go to Collection -> Select your deck -> Click Share to generate the code. And that’s literally how easy it is to be done. If you want to try my Selected deck

Importing a deck

The code that you saw generated above it’s the same that you would get from another player. Keep in mind that importing it’s not a process that grants you free cards. When you go to Collection there’s a button called Import Deck which in itself it’s a given. A window will pop up for you to paste the code of the deck you want to import, and if it’s a valid code, the deck will be added to your collection.

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