Streaming may seem like an easy thing to do, but putting together all the pieces that go into it starts to become harder and harder. Here you can see a few tips on how to improve your stream.

These tips that we will discuss are more useful to new streamers, but can also be of value to everyone. Even when you’re at the top of the market, you will still find things that need improvement, so this is an ongoing quest.

Visuals and Audio!

Probably the most essential part of streaming, to give a good streaming experience to your viewers; you will need to have them both in high quality. When you first start, its understandable to not have the best audio and video. But as you progress, these things become even more needed for your longevity.

For audio, you can start by using whatever you have, a smartphone, headphones with mic, or smth else. After a while, you might want to upgrade to something with higher quality, you can get a pretty good mic in around 100$, or you can find some used ones, and later down the road, upgrade it.

For video, there are two aspects of it your screen capture and your face-cam. As for the screen capture, you can be limited by your internets speed, so your viewers can highly appreciate an upgrade of your plan. As for your face-cam, you can use your phone, but that will have a hefty toll on your phone’s life, so if you have an old phone that you have no use for, it would be cheaper for you and better for the environment. Later down the line, you can upgrade your cam, but since sometimes, especially when streaming games, your face-cam is so tiny, even a low-quality one looks decent enough.


Streaming with a schedule can do wonders for your channel. All your viewers know when you will stream, so if they want to watch, they can make time for you. Another thing that a schedule will help you is the quality of your stream. As that old saying goes, practice makes perfect, so if you have a schedule, you are more prone to following it, so you will stream more, get used to it, and see for yourself what your stream needs.

Interacting with fans!

One of the best things you can do for your stream is interacting with your followers. You can do this in a lot of other platforms apart from your chats stream. You can make a Discord server, interact with them on social media, etc. Doing all these things will make your followers come back for more, and new people join your community. Just remember to be friendly to people.

Playing with them is also a big bonus you can do for your stream. A good start can also be for you to play party games, so you can play with multiple people at the same time and get to know each other better.


Graphics could’ve been under Visuals, but I decided that it needed a whole part just for itself. What I mean by graphics is all your overlays, emotes, banners, badges, etc. It’s perfectly understandable for anyone not to have good graphics when they start, and sometimes you can’t even access some of them without passing a milestone. But as your stream grows, you should implement all of them, especially emotes and badges. By doing this, your stream will seem more professional and get your followers to subscribe or new people to join your community.

Other things to keep in mind are playing games that are interesting to your viewers and people in general, so your stream can be found more easily. Being Unique is also great; having a specific thing that is just yours will always make people want to watch it; that might be hard, but if you can do it, it will have great benefits.

These are just a few things you can do to improve your stream. A lot of what needs to be changed will come from you; after a while, you will get used to everything around the world of streaming, and you will see more clearly when things don’t go right and need a few changes.

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