Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser is one of the most used and popular browsers in the world. Millions of people utilize this tool and now after update Chrome 77, we can customize chrome browser of your choice in a few clicks.

Steps to customizing Google Chrome at your own desire :

  1. To enable new customization of Chrome you must first click on the Google Chrome Browser in your system and type in the URL bar as “chrome: //flags”.
  2. Type ‘NTP’ in the search box on the Flags page.
  3. Here, you have to enable the ‘NTP customization menu version 2’ and ‘Chrome Colors menu’ flags.
  4. Later, click the ‘Relaunch Now’ button.
  5. Now restart Chrome and click on the ‘Customize’ option in a new tab.
  6. On the customization page, there are lots of customization options to create a unique theme which are full of fun. You can also choose the background or create your picture and utilize it.
  7. Select the ‘Color and theme’ option and choose the color combination of your taste.
  8. Once it is finished, select the ‘Shortcuts’ tab. You can select which shortcuts to display on the new tab page. With the above steps, you can now easily create your Chrome browser theme on your system.

It’s just as easy as that and I’m sure anyone can do these steps to get the customization that they desire. Some of you have even gone too crazy with it like this.

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