Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful tools that the Office Package offers and it’s usages are almost endless. Here in this ‘How To’ we are going to talk about Data Entry Form in Excel. A useful skill to learn for anyone that works with the program.

First step is to open Excel

Open Excel and start a blank new template.

Second step is to create a table

1.Design the table

2.Be sure to check ‘My Table has headers’

3.This is the result

Third step is adding form creation options in the ribbon

1.Go to Options

2.Go to Customize Ribbon and ‘Choose commands from: Commands not in the Ribbon’

3.Create New Tab and New Group so that you can add the Form Command into the ribbon.

Fourth step is to get used to the form and it’s functionality

Go to the new tab that was just created , select the table headers and click Form and from there you are finished. Now all it’s left is to explore the form and use it to your liking.

The results after the first Data Entry.

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