Streaming services are one of the most popular things in this day and age. With the main player on that market being Netflix. It looks like everyone wants a piece of the pie when it comes to this part of the market. HBO Max will be the new streaming service from WarnerMedia. HBO already has one but this is going to be different.

HBO Max is coming in hot and ready to take the competition, they plan on releasing this service sometimes during May of this year. And they plan on making a splash when they hit the market. Recently they just confirmed that they are making a “Friends” reunion, 16 years after the show ended. The entirety of “Friends” will also be available for you to watch on HBO Max.

They are also going to be the new home of many more popular shows like “The Big Bang Theory”, “Doctor Who” etc. Together with these ones you’ll also have the HBO shows like “Game of Thrones”, “Westworld”, “Watchmen”, “Silicon Valley” etc.


HBO Max will have a $14.99/month price point, which will cost the same as HBO Now price at the moment. The service is going to be ad-free, but down the line, another version with ads might come.

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