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Google Pixel 2 Wifi breaks as new Android 10 update drops in


The latest update on Android 10 has nearly rendered all users of Google Pixel2 and 2XL, unable to access wifi. It’s not because of lack of support for the devices but something rather peculiar with the latest update. Some users claim their devices can connect to Wi-Fi networks, but internet access is not available. Others say Wi-Fi connectivity will drop sporadically. Some also claim that even their devices’ Bluetooth functionality is inconsistent and unreliable after receiving the Android 10 update.

Pixel 2 Wifi

Google has yet to formally address the issue at large, though some users have received replacement devices running Android 9. This is not a proper solution since many devices could still suffer the same problems if and when users upgrade them to Android 10.

We’ve been notified of a Google support thread where hundreds of users are claiming Android’s latest update renders Wi-Fi nearly useless on their devices. Interestingly, though, it seems no two cases are the same.

Right now the issues seem to get fixed from a factory reset but as soon as we discover a way we will make a how-to post about it. If any of you guys have experienced this kind of troubles please leave a message below.

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