Today we’ll be talking about two very important steps to take if you own a Samsung Galaxy device. These two things will improve your phone’s life by a lot, and it will also increase its longevity.

You will need to go into “Recovery Mode” for both of these processes, which is pretty easy to do. First of all, you have to turn off your phone, then you can enter it by pressing and holding on volume up and the power button simultaneously, and all you got to do is wait for the phone to turn on. Once you see the Android logo, then you can let go of the buttons. If you are on the Samsung UI 3.0 and using the Exynos version of the device, you might need to plug in your Type-C headphones. I know that sounds weird, but technology is weird sometimes, and this apparently works.

Wipe Cache Partition

The first thing that we will be talking about today is called “Wipe Cache Partition.” For this, it’s usually recommended that you do it right after you update your phone as for what kind of update, it can be a new One UI version, a new Android version, or whatever other updates that will impact the installed applications…

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