Plague Inc

While China is fighting the alarming outbreak that has already claimed 41 lives thus far, Plague Inc. Game has seen a massive increase in sales. There have also been cases reported as far from China as the UK and the United States. As the virus spreads, some major tech companies and automakers are limiting travel to China to protect employees.

Ndemic Creations published a game years back for mobile devices and other platforms, called Plague Inc., where players get to evolve a disease in an attempt to spread it across the world and eliminate the population. And this specific game title has experienced a renewed popularity in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Ndemic Creations has issued a statement detailing that it understands the Coronavirus outbreak in China is a significant concern. It notes that it has received a lot of questions from players and the media about its game. Plague Inc. has been around for the last eight years, much longer than the threat of Coronavirus. The company is also releasing news messages about the current situation of the world and the virus. And it’s making its player base aware of the real threat.

If you or any loved one is in an area of danger or don’t really know here you can see the disease’s live spread , click here.

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