Chromebooks have come quite a long way. Nowadays they are mostly used for educational purposes, but not in particular. As we reported that they are working on bringing Steam to ChromeOS. Now Google comes with some other interesting news about Chromebooks.

They just announced some changes to the Chrome OS Automatic Update(AUE) policy. Security and feature update are now supported for a longer period. This will impact devices launched in 2020 and after. For the new Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet and Acer Chromebook 712, the updates will be available until June 2028, so 8 years’ worth of updates. They do not state that every Chromebook released from here on out will have updates for 8 years.

Google has come a long way with the endurance of updates. As they mention on their blog post, at first they only updated Chromebooks for 3 years, then it was up to 6 years and now it seems to have gone up to 8.

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