Can we go full ‘Eco-mode’ and revitalize our world?

We all should know by now that the risk our world faces with, is serious and we all should contribute to making the world better and ‘healing’ it. Whether it be by not using the car an afternoon or planting a tree we should all pitch in. Maybe with wind turbines that produce ecological electricity to power on the whole planet and planet-friendly projects like Mr.Beast’s ‘Plant 20 Million Trees’ we can make it happen.

 A sailing boat passes the Kentish Flats offshore wind farm. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

A study of the world’s coastlines has found that offshore wind farms alone could provide more electricity than the world ever needs, even if they are only built-in windy regions in shallow waters near the shore.

A detailed analysis by the International Energy Agency (IEA) revealed that if wind farms were built across all usable sites which are no further than 60km (37 miles) off the coast, and where coastal waters are no deeper than 60 meters, they could generate 36,000 tera-watt hours of renewable electricity a year. This would easily meet the current global demand for electricity of 23,000 tera-watt hours.

The future is here you just need to see it, with your own eyes.
The future is looking quite promising for us, with the latest technological advances we can make our world healthier and busier than ever.

“Offshore wind currently provides just 0.3% of global power generation, but its potential is vast,” the IEA’s executive director, Fatih Birol, said.

Birol also said the offshore wind would not only contribute to generating clean energy but could also offer a major opportunity in the production of hydrogen, which can be used instead of fossil fuel gas for heating and in heavy industry.

More than 600 YouTubers are teaming up to take on one of the biggest fundraising challenges the platform has ever seen, raising $20 million by the end of the year to plant 20 million trees. One dollar equals one tree planted in the world by the Arbor Day Foundation, which is one of the largest nonprofit organizations dedicated to planting and nurturing trees.

“We know that 20 million trees aren’t going to cure climate change,” Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer and current YouTuber involved in the event, said in a private planning video. “But the point here is to end the decade on a super strong note. It’s a constructive way to send a message to the politicians that it’s freaking time to do something about climate change.”

With news like this we get happy that the world is not going to waste if we have something to say about it, everyone should notice and pay attention to the environment, everyone should do their part. Are you going to join the cause?

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