Cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance has been making the headlines of news lately a lot and it seems it has no stop. With the most recent being the acquisition of CoinMarketCap and more to come. Binance plans to launch its first Bitcoin mining pool that will be in addition to its already numerous offerings. Some argue that the company wants to monopolize the crypto sphere and are a bit worried.

It is unclear what exactly Binance pool will offer than other established mining pools will not. Perhaps auto-trading and mining features via Binance’s deep liquidity books.  Unofficial sources said that Binance has already hired specialists to work on this new venture. Some of these hires come from the leading mining equipment manufacture, Bitmain. Bitmain is also known for Antpool, one of the world’s largest mining pools, sprawling across many different cryptocurrencies. For reference, Antpool ranks #4 in the total BTC hash rate.

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