Asus ROG II coming with two new Versions in Europe

Probably the best gaming phone out there at the moment Asus ROG Phone II now will be coming to Europe with two more versions. At the moment you can only buy the 12/512GB version but this it’s about to change.

The two new version are going to be called STRIX and Ultimate Edition. The STRIX version comes with 8/128GB while the Ultimate Edition packs 12GB of RAM and a ridiculous 1TB of storage.

Apart from these the Ultimate Edition will be coming with 802.11ad/60GHz Wi-Fi support and 4G LTE with up to 2.0Gbps Cat 20 download. On the other hand the STRIX version will have to stick to only a 802.11ac Wi-Fi and LTE speeds up to 1Gbps Cat 16 download. For the Ultimate Edition there is also a new matte finish.

Other Specs

Display 6.59” AMOLED 120Hz

Chipset Snapdragon 855+

Cameras: 48MP main sensor, 13MP ultrawide, 24MP front camera

Battery 6000mAh

UFS 3.0


The STRIX Edition will go for £600/€700 while the Ultimate Edition will be going for £900/€1000.

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