Art in games has been essential in the past years, and we are so used to having it that we don’t appreciate it fully. This form of art has not only existed in the digital space, but we can see it from different board games in real life as well, such as snakes and ladders. And that is what makes it even more special for gamers; we have always been used to the idea of having something spectacular in whatever we play. Some people might even consider game making as an entirely new form of art, which is actually. And this form is one of the few that allows the artist to represent what they want genuinely. From fantasy-themed games to abstract ones, from vampires to UFOs. All of these themes have been used and will continue to be explored more.

Casino Games!

We can look at the casino games and the Golden Tiger one in more detail. The art on them is truly fascinating and certainly appeals to the mind of a gambler. Immortal Romance which can be found at Golden Tiger’s website it’s one of the accurate representation of how important is art on a game. The art and the game itself was so popular and memorable that the developers remastered it twice. The use of vampires as main characters on a slot machine game adds so much flavor to it and makes the game more compelling and it gives more layers to the story.  

They have a rich catalog that has more online games with exciting art choices on them. Jungle Jim El Dorado is another one and, to be honest, reasonably addictive as well. The game brings back the myth of El Dorado, the city of gold, this ad such a great backstory to it. The playful and cartoonish art has made the game more appealing to any generation that plays the game.

Another video game that is amazing to play is the Diamond Bonanza. As we all know, Diamonds are one of the most expensive things in the world, and they serve as currency in most games. The use of gems like diamonds in the game also gives it a more realistic approach, since you are looking for a diamond. Art, as always, is simple but tasteful and brings life to the whole experience.

Simple art!

So as we have said, the style of art is not always that important; it’s the quality of it and how you use your skill in the game. The simple art style has worked in many cases; this is always dependent on the type of your game and what kind of art it requires. 

For example,, and have elementary art on them. Especially the first one, but they still are very beloved games that are played daily. This kind of art style goes exceptionally well with them. 

Some games just are not meant to have simple art. It just doesn’t make sense for you to play a shooter game and have only a blob-like on agar as your character. is a great representative of this. The art on it looks similar to Roblox and Minecraft, and that is called simple or basic. But considering it’s an online game, it’s a great way to represent a fun and delightful game

The online game market is also filled with many more artful games, like Polycraft. The art on it is very cartoonish, but it goes with the overall theme of the game, so they make a perfect match. 

Other games that we can mention where the art and the gameplay blend together beautifully are Game of BombsAdventure Quest, and Japanese Breakfast.

Making these kinds of games, sometimes it’s not hard. Among the apps and tools used for these kinds of games are Stencyl, Flash Builder, Construct 2, etc. As for the art, you can use whatever app you want. As long as it can make it in the appropriate format. 

Why are these games popular?

These games are very popular, and it’s all because of their availability. Another vital part of them is the beautiful art; this also helps the game reach a more broad audience since they don’t look like cheap games anymore. The ability to play these quality games even though you have a crappy computer makes them more appealing to everyone. You just need an internet connection. And you can enjoy these games all you want and the beautiful art that comes with them. 

Closing Thoughts

Art can truly make or break a game, and the right use of it can do wonders for the game. From all the examples we have seen, the use of creative art is the way to go. And what do I mean by creative art is its use in a way that makes the true objective of the game as the objective in real life.

This can be seen in Casino games, the use of precious gems or gold makes total sense in that regard since you are playing the game to win money. So when you do you get gold or gems in the game, and also you get them in real life in a sense. This thing is also done gracefully without going all out on the art and just making simple things that make sense to everyone and are appealing to them.

Another critical aspect of the art in these kinds of games is the liberty the artist has,. Just take a look at what examples we have previously mentioned here, games with vampires, gems, worms, gems, golden cities. All this goes to show how truly amazing these things can be.

As the future grows more towards online games. We can’t wait to see what the art and these games will look like. Who knows, maybe we can have both Vampires and UFOs in the same game. We can’t wait to see what these game makers and artists will bring for us in the upcoming years and what creative ways they will use to combine them both. 

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