Nowadays, if you want to watch content online, you need to have access to a streaming service. With the number of platforms that are out, there is hard to decide if they are worth it or not.

The most popular streaming services on the market at the moment are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max. There are also many more who are not as popular as these. You will have to choose the services you want to have on what TV-Shows and movies you want to watch.

The Cost

One of the main problems with having a lot of options is the cost that all these options will bring on your wallet. If we do a basic calculation with the minimum values of these services, it goes up to around 50$. The prices are as follows: Netflix $12.99–$15.99, Bundle(Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+) $12.99, Amazon Prime Video $5.99, and HBO Max $14.99.

You can get so much more if you buy these services the right way. For example, if you buy Twitch Prime, you can also get Amazon Prime and Prime Video. You can only get the Amazon Prime on selected countries. You might say, but I don’t even watch Twitch, well you don’t have too, on this bundle you also get a lot of free games and in-game loot. This might be a better deal for someone who plays games and can benefit from it.

The Content

All of these platforms have a wide variety of content on them. Netflix is one of the biggest content creators in the market at the moment, and it can create a lot of new shows continually. HBO is also known for its high-quality shows. With some of them being the most watched and awarded shows ever created.

Hulu also has a big library of shows, but it lacks a bit on original shows compared to the previously mentioned ones. Disney+ is one of the newest addition to the streaming services market. At the moment, most of its content is made out of relatively old Disney shows and movies. But they plan on adding a lot more original content in the future.

Are they worth it?

At the end of the day, it is up to you and how much time and money do you have to spare. You should always check if your favorite shows are on the platform you plan on buying. In my honest opinion, one of the best deals you can get is the Twitch Prime+Amazon Prime+ Prime Video Bundle. Netflix, as usual, it is another exemplary service. Their library will always keep you busy. But this is not only a content issue but its also a money issue. Can you afford all these services or a better question to be asked is, do you plan on using them so you can get your money worth?

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