In the last couple of years, we have seen the prices of flagship smartphones rise through the roof with some of them starting at 1,300$+. Which is quite a steep price to pay for a smartphone, don’t you think?

The main question is are they worth it for that amount of money. This question is more complicated than that. To be fair for that amount of money you almost every time get the best thing out there, and I say mostly, because of the S20 Ultra Exynos edition.

The word flagship is not a good adjective for these types of phones anymore, they have surpassed that. Let’s take for example Samsung their latest flagship phones were the S20, S20+, and the S20 Ultra. All of them are flagships but the S20 Ultra seems to be a flagship amongst flagships. I know that sounds stupid but considering what Samsung put into that phone, it looks like its a class above its smaller siblings. Those big numbers make it look far more superior than it is. And the same can be said for the last iPhones.

One thing everyone should consider when they buy a phone is what are they going to use it for. If you’re just gonna browse the web and use social media, is it worth it that much money?

You might say I want the best camera on a phone, ok fair point. Usually, the flagships always have the best cameras. Pixel 4 is also a flagship and it has one of the best cameras out there, and it’s far cheaper than other flagships. Other options for a great camera can be the cheapest flagships the companies release like the iPhone 11 and the S20. Old flagships are also a viable option.

In the end, these flagships are worth it, as phones. As far as the prices I don’t think its a reasonable one. Considering the mid-range phones that are out there. Starting from the iPhone SE 2 and with the latest OnePlus Nord.

Looking at the smartphone market and how the future will be I can say we are on a good track for great mid-range phones. As per these “overpriced” flagships, they don’t seem to be going on a lower price path. And why would they when they get sold in an instant.

The question I have been meaning to answer all this time is one you should always do to yourself before you buy your next phone. You shouldn’t rely on others to decide for you. Try to look for advice and always decide on your own, because you know yourself and what you need more than anyone.

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