Even in these tough times, the gaming community has been steady throughout the year. Some releases were delayed and some consoles also, but that didn’t stop them from coming out at all. In fact, in these pandemic times, more people have turned to gaming as a way to escape the distorted reality that we face day to day now sadly. Let’s see some of the most anticipated games yet to come this year, and maybe we could meet each other playing in one of them.

Photo by Lorenzo Herrera on Unsplash

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

We are super pumped to see the return of Miles Morales. Him getting in the spotlight with a standalone Spider-Man game is fantastic. Sony announced that there are going to be technical improvements to the open-world superhero experience, all thanks to PS5 Power. It’s going to be a game full of new tactics and exciting new ways to play. We, as fans, cannot wait to get our hand into this masterpiece. It’s obviously on the PS5 platform, and its due somewhere in the holiday season.

Start Wars Squadrons

It Ain’t a Star Wars trailer if it doesn’t start with some heavy breathing. This game will come into all platforms PS5, XB1, PC, and VR. Following last year’s success with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA wants to prove they know what they are doing with the franchise.

It’s a 5v5 vehicular shooter amidst the stars, with both a single-player campaign and microtransaction-free online multiplayer, which is excellent news for us. Although it’s said to be smaller in scope than those games mentioned above, it’ll also be sold for less than full price. It’s supposed to come out on 2 October.


Deathloop is an innovative first-person shooter launching exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC. The game drops you in the island of Blackreef, and the adventures begin from there. We’ve seen some gameplay, and this dark, grim first-person game has personality within. It’s said to run on PS5 at 4K with 60 fps or frames per second. It’s released date it’s not officially released, but it said it is due the holiday season.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There were a lot of visually impressive games for PS5 console when they made the stream to showcase them, but none of them caught my attention like this one. This indie company game has shown the true potential of the PS5 from amazing graphics that made us go ‘Wow’ while watching the stream. It’s going to be available to PS5, XB1, and PC. This game also is due to the holiday season being released.

Halo Infinite

This one is my personal favorite out of the bunch, and I can’t wait to get my hands at a proper Halo game. The last two titles haven’t felt like the real deal when playing, so I’m hoping this new game will bring gamers back on board. Master Chief gets back behind the storytelling this time with a new fantastic game engine. We should expect some old school things to make a comeback with this game, and probably the real fans will return stronger. We are supposed to be hit with this game on the holiday season, and it’s going to be available on PC, XB1, and Xbox Scarlett.

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