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August 2020

  • Technology

    How to Utilize an Incident Response (IR) Plan

    The internet has become an increasingly dangerous place, and we hear stories day to day for cybersecurity breaches happening seemingly to everyone. Most people don’t understand, though is that when the…

  • Programming Technology

    Top 5 Most Used SQL Queries

    SQL Server is a relational database management system, or RDBMS, developed and marketed by Microsoft. The interface helps to communicate the system’s database using queries.SQL queries are SQL’s mechanism to communicate…

  • Apple Samsung Technology

    The Future of tablets!

    Tablets have had their ups and downs in the last few years, especially the android side of tablets. This side of the smart gadgets market is always “fighting” many wars with…

  • Apps & Games Crypto

    The Sandbox (SAND) Launched on Binance

    The Sandbox is a user-generated and community-focused content platform where creators can monetize assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. The three main components are the VOXEDIT 3D voxel art animation…

  • Technology

    The Future of Smartphones!

    Smartphones. We all have them, and we all love them. They make our lives easier and have done so for a long time. At the moment, the smartphone industry seems to…