Vision S

It is no secret that technology is evolving at high speed in our day and age. Everything from cell phones, computer software, security software, vehicle technology. And many other tech sectors are ever-evolving to higher, faster, easier, and better user-friendly technology. Many new tech companies are emerging all over the world, creating stiff competition in various products.

However, many veteran tech companies are working hard to create new emerging technology and advanced products. As such, Sony Electronics has just introduced to the world its first electric vehicle, the Vision S, at the 2020 CES conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. In Sony’s attempt to become a leader in the automotive technology industry, it has created a vehicle with a 360-vision of its environment and potential hazards. During an interview with Time, the president of Sony Electronics, Mike Fasulo, called the car “a safety cocoon.” Mike Fasulo also stated that the vehicle was designed with safety, entertainment, and security in mind. The vehicle contains 33 sensors throughout the interior and exterior of the car, all with different purposes. One significant and eye-catching component of the vehicle is the giant screen display across the dashboard of the vehicle.

Putting extra care in the use of safety with implementing hi-tech safety standards

The safety components implemented into the Vision S are: Oval sensing, driving assistance, advanced camera monitoring system, and driving monitoring. With all these features combined, it makes for a smooth and safe ride on the road.  Sony has also added many entertainment features into the Vision S car. The interior cabin of the car consists of 5G technology and a panoramic screen that is visible from any seat inside the car. Further, the car is equipped with 360 reality audio for a clean, crisp sound throughout. Lastly, Sony implemented adaptability into the Vision. This means that the Vision S is linked via the internet and its software updates on its own when new updates are available. The interior of the car is all personalizable, including the panoramic screen.

Although Sony is a leader in technology. The Vision S is simply a prototype at this time and is currently not set for production, and the Japanese tech giant Sony provided no price range. Will the other car companies follow this tech trend, or is it too ambitious at this point? Let us know below what you think of tech cars rising with new technology and capabilities. And will this proto-type from Sony make it into actual production?

Guest Authors: Darren, Carina

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