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5 Games Yet to Come Out in 2020


Even in these tough times, the gaming community has been steady throughout the year. Some releases were delayed and some consoles also, but that didn’t stop them from coming out at all. In fact, in these pandemic times, more people have turned to gaming as a way to escape the distorted reality that we face day to day now sadly. Let’s see some of the most anticipated games yet to come this year, and maybe we could meet each other…

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Are Streaming Services Worth It?

Nowadays, if you want to watch content online, you need to have access to a streaming service. With the number of platforms that are out, there is hard to decide if they are worth it or not. The most…


Are flagships worth it?

In the last couple of years, we have seen the prices of flagship smartphones rise through the roof with some of them starting at 1,300$+. Which is quite a steep price to pay for a smartphone, don’t you think?…

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How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding

I'm pretty sure most of us have encountered this error at least once in our time using the internet. This can happen for a number of reasons and sometimes may just need a restart. DNS is a server that…


The future of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming in the past few years has become a really big part of the gaming industry. Gaming in the cloud has made gaming more accessible to people who don’t own a powerful PC to play the games they…

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The future of mobile gaming!

In this day and age, the rise of mobile gaming is certainly noticeable. This method of gaming has always been considered inferior to other platforms. We have come to a point where mobile gaming has grown into one of…

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Crypto Coin vs Token

I’m guessing you have a bit of knowledge about the crypto world before coming to this article, but you never understood the difference between a crypto coin and token. You’ve come to the right place to get answers for…

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What is a Hashing Algorithm

If cryptography were a car, then the hashing algorithm is its engine. This complex algorithm for the majority of the people is unknown and for the others, it's just something they have heard about but don't really know what's…

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How to change Gmail signature

The signature at the end of the email is what always makes the email look professional. Let's learn how to do that in this post with some easy steps. We will just dive straight to it for both options…